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Property management company

Facility manager

Gated community

Rent & Maintenance

Service provider

Supervision company

Utility company 


Commercial property


  • Catalog of objects (territory, building, floor, placement, office)
  • Automatic invoicing of rent and utility payments
  • Management and storage of lease agreements and all other documents
  • Control of free and occupied premises (occupancy)
  • Communication with the client (including work with inquiries)
  • Reports and dashboards



  • Structured catalog of housing and premises
  • Accounting for subscriber accounts (residents and owners)
  • Accrual of utility bills 
  • Accounting for meters
  • Internal client's office (inquiries, polls and voting)

Gated communities


  • Catalog of objects (plots, houses, garages, parking lots)
  • Accounting for residents and owners
  • Accrual and payment of contributions and fees
  • Internal client's office (inquiries, polls and voting)



  • Real estate catalog (plots, buildings, premises)
  • Catalog of assets (transport, equipment, furniture, IT)
  • Storaging - location, operation and using of assets
  • Access control systems, presence, time control
  • Service Desk (flexible customizable service processes)

Utility companies

  • Catalog of infrastructure facilities and equipment                                      
  • Monitoring and supervizing of objects
  • Repair management
  • Management of service teams
  • Contact center (telephony, messengers)
  • Routine jobs
  • Setting tasks for control (SLA)
  • Work time accounting

Modular flexible system that can be easily customized

  • Based on ERP / CRM platform Odoo

  • Supports role model and various interfaces

  • Integration with many systems

  • Analytical reports, data import / export

Program settings

You will receive the decision of problems for your enterprise

Technical support and security

We work with customer requests and are always ready to help

Expansion of functionality

If you need more functionality over time, the system allows you to easily add the necessary modules

Migration of existing data

Previous data will be transferred to the new system


Commercial property

starting from 4 000 euro


starting from 2000 euro

Utility company

starting from 3000 euro